FlipChip International, LLC (FCI) offers world class Product Engineering services to our customers. FCI prides itself in being able to address customer design, processing, and reliability questions and requirements in the timeliest manner possible. To assist in this, FCI’s in-house design center is not only skilled and experienced in the finer aspects of bump tooling design but also in PWB design as well. By having this experienced design service in-house, FCI is often able to offer design turn times faster than our competitors. This allows you, the customer, quicker time to market for engineering builds and production ramps.

FCI is able to support design activities for all of our current bumping options as well as board design to enable expedient drop test and thermal cycling qualifications. We have experience working with JEDEC board level qualification requirements as well as the more stringent end user requirements known throughout the industry. FCI is more than willing to assist you in navigating the sometimes daunting task of meeting these end-customer wafer level reliability requirements.

FCI is able to work with most customer provided design files, with GDSII being the preferred design format. FCI’s Product Engineers will support you step-by-step through the design process. This includes providing you with a full design review package before a tooling or board design order is placed to ensure that all aspects of your design request are addressed.

With our vast product engineering and design expertise, FCI can help you reach your wafer level bumping needs now and in the future. FCI… Miniaturization through Innovation.